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PARKLAND – The suspect of the shooting at a high school in Florida was an outsider with a penchant for firearms. That picture is old classmates of the nineteen-year-old man who was arrested after the bloodbath at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland.

Suspicious Nikolas Cruz was, according to the police previously been expelled from school. The reason for this is not published. Old-classmate Chad Williams (18), remembered that Cruz used repeatedly, the fire alarm did go off. “He was crazy about firearms,” said Williams about the alleged shooter, who according to him, “little friends” during his school days. “He was a kind of outsider.”

The nineteen-year-old Jillian Davis, who last year of school, described Cruz as a shy and quiet boy. Davis told me that he almost of personality seemed to change when he was angry. Also said the alleged murderer, according to her, often about firearms and knives, but was actually not taken seriously.

Adjunct instructor in mathematics Jim Gard told the teachers by the school board by mail were warned for Cruz. “There were problems. He threatened last year, pupils” said the teacher at the Miami Herald. “We were given last year to hear that he was the campus no longer allowed to enter with a backpack.”

The police made after the shooting announced that the internet of Cruz is put under a microscope. That delivered, according to sheriff Scott Israel “very, very troubling” results. He told me that Cruz ultimately without resistance surrendered. He had a gun, and multiple warehouses with ammunition.

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