’Successor of Zuma is according to Mandela, a very large one, sir

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JOHANNESBURG – Cyril Ramaphosa played a crucial role in the transition period after the apartheid regime in South Africa and was, according to Nelson Mandela “the architect of the current South Africa.” The 65-year-old president of the ANC is the most obvious candidate to be the president of South Africa to be now Zuma is left.

Ramaphosa was in november, 1952 born in the slum of Soweto. He studied in the homeland, Venda, and fought as a student leader against apartheid. But Ramaphosa was critical of radical black activists. He felt as a student that all the trippy ideology of black self-awareness might be led.

He threw himself once graduated as a lawyer in the practical politics. Ramaphosa started in command of the Council of trade Unions (CUSA) a mijnwerkersbond a crucial role in the politics of the country. Ramaphosa recruited first to the members in the gold mines. He was secretary-general of this union, the NUM, until 1991. The association had 300,000 members.

Ramaphosa was in that year, secretary-general of the African National Congress (ANC). Ramaphosa negotiated the transition to a meerderheidsbewind. He was one of the key figures that a violent collapse of the apartheid managed to prevent. In the first elections for all South Africans in 1994 was Ramaphosa is number two on the list of the ANC. When it appeared that the second man next to Mandela, Thabo Mbeki, left Ramaphosa politics in 1996.

He was in business, a ceo, just as he previously at the trade union had been. He is one of the richest politicians of the country, with a rated power of the equivalent of some 365 million dollars. He was the managing director of the multinational company that owns the platinummijn where in 2012 34 people were killed. He retired from his businesses when he was in 2014 vice-president was.

Ramaphosa’s versatility and relativeringsvermogen make him a prominent which is still a lot of trust in all population groups in South Africa. This is in contrast to many other prominent figures from the ruling ANC.

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