Sandra Bekkari can bad grades not straighten

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In Flanders, in 2017 at least 14 million paper books were sold. That is 400,000 less than in 2016. Trade Unionism blame that mainly to a lack of bestsellers. The negative trend in the Flemish book sales in 2017 in the future. Revenue (185,6 million euro, or-1.5 percent) and marketing (14 million copies, or -3%) decrease in comparison to 2016, and that was already a bad year. The top twenty of 2017 is the traditional mix of books from tv chefs, popular stripreeksen and international thrillers and romantic fiction. ‘Nutrition coach’ Sandra Bekkari onttroont Pascale Naessens and Jeroen Meus. Despite her beautiful figures beating Bekkari not in the declining figures on the sale to compensate.

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