Ramaphosa was elected South African president

eb4b162686b49ba1662fd7e2ea8c8915 - Ramaphosa was elected South African president

After Jacob Zuma last night resigned as South African president, Cyril Ramaphosa as his successor has been appointed. Ramaphosa was this afternoon elected in the parliament.

After the African National Committee (ANC) on Tuesday had demanded that Jacob Zuma’s resignation would take, threatened his party Wednesday the motion of censure against Zuma to support it if he not immediately resigned. Then loved Zuma last night however, the glory to himself.

This was Cyril Ramaphosa, the only candidate-president, in the parliament elected as president Zuma’s successor. Two major opposition parties, the Fighters for Economic Freedom (EFF) and the Democratic Alliance (DA), refused for the president of the African National Congress (ANC) to vote. Members of the EFF did not interfere with the seat and left, eventually, out of the parliament.

“I am honored the great privilege to get the people to serve’, says Ramaphosa after his appointment. “The issues that were raised, which have to do with corruption, how we use the state-owned enterprises can clean up and interest can counteract, are on our radar. I will work hard to keep the South Africans not to disappoint.’

Ramaphosa (65), a former trade union leader that even extremely rich as a businessman, since 2014 is already vice president, and in december also the party leader of the ANC. He has made the fight against corruption and the fostering of the South African economy always as his main targets seen.

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