Ramaphosa is the new president of South Africa

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JOHANNESBURG – Cyril Ramaphosa will by the parliament of South Africa to be chosen as the new president of the country. That says, the ANC-partijprominent Jackson Mthembu. Ramaphosa was already the vice-president of the country.

It is expected that Ramaphosa Thursday afternoon the oath. He holds the position provisionally until 2019, when presidential elections are held.

On Wednesday, president Jacob Zuma (75) reluctantly his resignation known. He did this under pressure from his party, after he discredited was hit due to a series of corruptieverdenkingen. He was this that he a motion of censure, the field had to clean up.

In the South African press, and in particular, about the feeling of relief that in the country there after the resignation of Zuma. “The long nightmare is finally over”, headlined the news site Daily Maverick.

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