Pope Benedict is struggling with paralysis

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BERLIN – The former pope Benedict suffers from a disease of the nervous system, making it increasingly needs to use a wheelchair. That has his brother Georg Ratzinger at the German magazine Neue Post said.

The ninety-year-old pope emeritus said earlier this month that he is in his last stage of life, and on the “pilgrimage to the house.” He was the first pope in six centuries before its time the ministry put down.

“The biggest fear is that the paralysis at any time his heart reached. It may soon be over,” said his brother.


The Vatican has the message denied. “The alleged news about a crippling, decaying disease are incorrect. About two months is Benedict XVI 91, and as he himself has said, he feels the weight of the years, which is normal at that age.”

The retired pope lives in a former abbey in the gardens of the Vatican. He is rarely seen in public.

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