Polish prime minister accuses Belgium of ‘fare evasion’

c1681fe4453b49d55b9f787d6c3b9758 - Polish prime minister accuses Belgium of ‘fare evasion’

The Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki has implied countries such as Germany and Belgium criticized, because they are not the agreed 2 percent of the gross domestic product (gdp) on defence investment. “Who brings the cohesion in danger?’

On the eve of his visit to Germany gave the Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki an interview in the German newspaper die Welt. Therein he pulled out to the Nato countries that do not adhere to the agreements on defence investments, which were made at the Nato summit in 2014. Poland is already above the required 2 percent of gdp, but, among others, Germany ( slightly more than 1 percent), and also our country (0.9 percent) to have a solid backlog to catch up.

“Who brings cohesion (Nato-ed.) in danger?’, early Morawiecki. ‘The one who says everyone 2 percent must be spend on defence, that there be solidarity? Or those of you who zwartrijdt by less than 1 percent, but under the safety screen lives?’

“The fare dodgers bring the unity of the West is in danger’, the Polish prime minister further. He accused Europe in addition the following issues to ‘light’. Europe lives according to Morawiecki ‘under the shield of the “pax americana”’.

Earlier also expressed American president Donald Trump repeatedly criticized the Nato countries that their commitment is not respected. That was him by the Germans resented. It is not yet clear whether chancellor Angela Merkel, prime minister Morawiecki tomorrow, when the two meet, of answer will serve.

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