Organizer seksfeesten disowned by family

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Brussels – Oxfam-ceo Roland Van Hauwermeiren, who seksfeesten organized on Haiti, the commotion is greatly exaggerated. In the Belgian Newspaper he lamented, above all, that he since the news came out was disowned by his family.

“And that hurts.” The 68-year-old Van Hauwermeiren (68) lies now in a coastal area of Belgium. He lives alone, the ceo separated in 2015.

When we ring the bell, open, a signed man the door ajar. His lips trembling, his body trembles. Of the proud and esteemed international aid worker remains nothing more about it, according to The Newspaper.

“I have absolutely no desire to respond”, sounds the first. “What I see appear, is a heavy one to carry.”

Official statement

Roland Van Hauwermeiren soon comes out with an official statement, ” he says. Then, he wants no more molested.

“But know that there are very many people – also in the international media – the blush on the cheeks will get if they are my version of the facts heard. Not that I deny. That most certainly is not. There are matters that properly may be described. But I also read a lot of lies and exaggerations. Every week party? Chic villas? Women paid with money of the organization?” And then the door inexorably closed.

Underage girls

Van Hauwermeiren would in 2004 in Liberia, four years later, in Chad, and in 2010 after the earthquake in Haiti parties have organized. He had arranged for local women and according to certain sources, also minor girls pick up for sex. Or he paid them to seksfeestjes for his colleagues to cheer up.

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