One in six children lives in crisis areas

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LONDON – One in six children grows up in a crisis area. Especially in Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia are threatening this very great dangers, warns Save the Children in a report. Children would be much better to be protected, the international relief organization.

The number of children in areas of conflict grows. Now life 357 million children under such circumstances, 75 percent more than at the beginning of the nineties. Almost half of them live in areas where war is. They run the chance of mutilation or at risk of being recruited as a child soldier.

The number of children by the conflicts has been killed or injured since 2010, a 300 percent increase. In addition, have less and less children access to humanitarian assistance.


In the Middle East live 40 percent of the children in crisis areas, in Africa, a fifth. Save the Children calls those numbers are shocking.

The deterioration of the situation has multiple causes. So is the number of attacks on densely populated areas increased and last armed conflicts longer.

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