Naaz is going to be very good on water

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Naaz is going to be very good on water

Interview. The 19-year-old singer-songwriter/producer Naaz this week won two Edison awards. Gratitude has its own blessing, where she is now.

Responsible as she is, wanted to Naaz (19), after winning the Edison is not too late; she had, after all, the next morning, again fresh in the studio of 3FM. Have a chat with her wise colleague Fresku during the afterparty – “he gives my really levensadviezen” – did the young Rotterdam-based singer, however, realize that they of this evening had to enjoy and that time is not a role to play. And so she went on until the early hours of the morning. Chilling out with her band. On water, mind you.


“I’m very good on water, drink really just that. I call it aqua, then it sounds still like it a lot,” laughs Naaz Mohammad, such as the Kurdish full name. Drink Water suits her, she says. “I’m annoying responsible,” she says. ,,I’m so disciplined that it’s annoying.” They eat and drink no dairy or refined sugars. “If I really hungry and there is only that, then I take it.” They plant also like to forward. “I have a paper planner in which I, my whole day plan, which I think is fine. I am also supergelukkig if everything has gone well on a day.”

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Happy she is with her Edison. One, the prize for Best Newcomer, is now beside her bed so that they are always next to the statue wakes up. The other, which for Best Video with her song Words, Folkert Verdoorn, the director of the clip. As well there is her responsibility back to the corner: “It would not be logical if that also would be me. Finally, it is his merit.”


Naaz does in 2014 at the age of 16 participated in the tv program Holland’s Got Talent. Her breakthrough is not, though she brings in the years that followed, a few singletjes. If they are in 2017 with the single Words , teaches the general public know her. The seemingly simple song is millions of times listened to on Spotify and is mega-hit on 3FM. Also successor Up to Something not go unnoticed in the charts. Naaz is known for its unique and pure voice. She writes her songs herself.

Be grateful for what you have and receive in life is Naaz’ main source of inspiration. If they explain why, you can almost not imagine that a 19-year-old the word is: ,,Gratitude is the strongest emotion that I can feel. It is a realization of what has ever happened to you. From that feeling, I have a song as Words written. I used to think the most beautiful songs of grief arose, now I strive for the feeling of gratitude. I believe that gratitude is the key to everything.”


It comes from the time in which she began with her career and not everything without a hitch. Her Kurdish parents were for example not to jump when their daughter announced that the music would be. ,,They saw it not as I on my own to a studio would go to all men who they do not know to my music would go to work. I don’t understand them, but didn’t like it.”, says Naaz. She was only allowed to the studio as her brother would go along. ,,That was okay, but he did go to school, I was very often on my own in my room writing songs. That time was less fun, but I I have found who I am.” She continued: “The ground on which I fell, the ground that I now kiss. Which I would like to say: the negative in my life has so much positive.”

Meanwhile, her parents are extremely proud of their talented daughter, who by the jury of the Edison awards as ‘pure, disarming, brave, patient, and consistent.” They sat in the audience at the awards ceremony. ,,Of people who close to them were I heard that they are incredibly proud to be crappy when my name was called. My mother was also emotional.”

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