Mattis: ‘Turkey needs to re-focus on fight against IS’

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Turkey needs to re-focus on the fight against terror group Islamic State (IS). To this end, the Us Defence secretary Jim Mattis recalled. By the Turkish military operations in northern Syria against Kurdish forces, the tensions between the Nato allies suffered. The U.S. support Kurdish troops and have troops in the area.

Mattis met with his Turkish counterpart Nurettin Canikli Wednesday in Brussels, in the margins of the Nato meeting of ministers of Defence. He called on Turkey to a ‘renewed focus on the campaign to defeat, and to prevent a remnant of the terrorist organization, again in Syria can settle’, according to the Pentagon Thursday in a press release.

Both ministers had no statement after their meeting at the Nato. According to the press release recognised Mattis ‘the legitimacy of the threats that terrorist organisations will mean for the Turkish national security’. He discussed the ” complex security situation in Syria and the danger that a revival would mean for all of the allies within NATO’. Both countries agree to have their military cooperation to continue.

Expands Turkey operation against Kurds?

Also within Nato, the Turkish military operation in northern Syria to discuss. Secretary-general Jens) repeated during two press conferences at the headquarters in Brussels that Turkey is rightly concerned about the security situation, but that the issue of ‘proportionate and calculated’ need to tackle. Yet according to) Turkey has the alliance last week, a state of affairs given about the operation olive branch. He expects that Ankara will continue to do so.

Turkey threatened the offensive in the region Afrin, which extend to Manbij, which is also under the control of the Kurdish Volksbeschermingseenheden (YPG). The strategic town of Manbij is situated about a hundred kilometers east of Afrin. On 20 January, launched by Ankara since the operation against the YPG.

Tillerson meets with Erdogan

Ankara considers the YPG as a terrorist, but the militia has the support of Washington and is an ally of the international coalition in the fight against IS. Turkey warned the stationed American soldiers not to intervene. Washington says no plans to have troops to withdraw.

According to Turkey, the militia branch of the Kurdish workers Party (PKK) in Syria. Party as a ‘terrorist’ stamped by Turkey and its western allies.

The American minister of Foreign Affairs Rex Tillerson brings Thursday and Friday a visit to Turkey. He will dine on Thursday with the president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Friday he meets his ambtsgenoot Mevlüt Cavusoglu. American officials expect difficult conversations.

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