Many dead in shooting USA

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Parkland – UPDATE 00.33 HOURS – In a shooting at an American school in Parkland, Florida, are more than ten dead and dozens wounded cases. That report different American media. The shooter, according to the same media, one Nikolas Cruz (19), has now been arrested.

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At the school were perilous scenes: students ran about the streets, others held their arms up. “I heard six shots. Then we started to run. We ran for our lives,” says a school student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School at the American media. Another student tells that about forty students were hiding in a kind of storage area, together with their toneellerares. “People are crying here,” he told.

The fire department reports U.s. media that there are twenty to fifty wounded. How many fatalities there are, it was long time not completely clear. Messages exchanged each other Wednesday night, and spoke always against each other: CBS News reported twelve dead, CNN sixteen. The sheriff verhelderde around 00.30 h clarity: at least seventeen deaths.

’Archer was in trouble.’

The shooter is a former student, police confirmed. “He was ever at this school,” said sheriff Scott Israel. “I don’t know why he of school went.” A current student tells us that the former student ’had problems’ and all longer weapons are in the back. Another calls Nikolas Cruz a ’weird guy’. Cruz gave himself, in the end, without resistance.

Students were in large numbers evacuated from the school, as is to be seen on tv footage. They speak of fearful moments, chaos and upheaval.

President Donald Trump has Twitter responded to the shooting. “My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims of this terrible shooting. No child, teacher, or anyone, should ever feel unsafe at an American school.”

Check out below what the American media about the shooting have been reported.

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