Luke Wilson saved woman from car after crash

48c561634c638b98ec25198cdee70158 - Luke Wilson saved woman from car after crash

The 46-year-old actor hit not injured in the crash.

Luke Wilson is Tuesday night involved in a fatal car accident. The Legally Blonde, the actor was driving on a boulevard in Los Angeles when his car was hit by the Ferrari of pro-golfer Bill Haas, reports Radar Online.

A witness of the fatal accident where Luke was involved, called the actor a hero. When the crash happened the driver of a car that also golfer Bill Haas transported to the life. Haas was injured in the accident.

The Ferrari where the golfer was koerste with high speed over a road in the neighborhood of Los Angeles when the driver power on the wheel lost. The car therefore became multiple train cars, including the car of Luke. The actor was not injured, and ran according to the bystander to a car in the crash on his side was touched. The 50-year-old driver of that vehicle was trapped hit during the accident.

“He was the hero, he took the lead,” said the witness, who the actor assisted in his rescue. Because there is smoke coming out of the wreck came, the two men worried that the car is on fire would fly. “We could her leg loskrijgen and Luke has her by the back of the car obtained,” says the bystander to People. “He was very calm. He was definitely the hero, and a superaardige guest. When it’s all behind us, we have each other a hug.”

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