Jodie Sweetin has a new love

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Fuller House actress Jodie Sweetin has a new flame. On Valentine’s day, she wrote an extended ode to her new love, which, according to Us Weekly Mescal with wasilewski is called.

“Find someone with whom you have this kind of love to share, someone who is not only one day per year shows”, told the actress to on Instagram. “You don’t condemn the errors that you have in the past made, but that a better future together.” She shared in the post a couple of photos in which the things they cut with the man, whose face is not seen.

The last relationship Jodie ended last year’s march is not pleasant. The 36-year-old actress asked a contactverbod after her engagement to Justin Hodak had broken, so he is not with her and her two children from previous relationships in the neighbourhood was allowed to come. He violated that ban twice, and was caught on gun possession. A few months later he was sentenced to more than six years in prison, for possession of weapons and forgery of evidence by means of threatening a witness.

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