Jane Fonda offers drag queen role in Netflixserie

da62e36fdccd2def70aba078500a9eae - Jane Fonda offers drag queen role in Netflixserie

Netflix has a fifth season ordered of the series, Grace And Frankie and there is a guest appearance to play for RuPaul.

Jane Fonda made in a twitterconversatie with RuPaul announced that the well-known drag queen, a roll will have in the new episodes. On his question whether there is a fifth season of Grace And Frankie, replied the actress: “Yep, in 2019. Do you want to join?.” Reply RuPaul: “Sleeps Dolly Parton on her back? Yes!.” Also, fans of the series react with wild enthusiasm.

In the series play Jane and Lily Tomlin, two women only if their husbands decide as a couple to go. Grace And Frankie is since 2015 to see it on the streaming service. The cast consists for a large part Hollywoodveteranen: in addition to Jane (80) and Lily (79) also play Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston (both 77) a fixed role in the series.

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