Indian woman scalped while go-karting

b116bc4833d023afbd35891473999538 - Indian woman scalped while go-karting

PINJORE – An Indian woman is to live because of her hair during a round of go-karting clamp came to sit in the wheel. The woman was by the force of the movement, was scalped, reports the Indian newspaper Hindustan Times.

The 28-year-old woman visited with her family during a vakantietripje the place Pinjore, in northern India, and she decided in a spur of the moment to go karting. She was with her husband in a cart, while their two year old son in a carriage with his grandmother sat. Already in the first turn, went wrong, police said.

The operator of the go-kart responded shocked at the incident. “Normally, we follow all the safety precautions. We have that special someone in service who must ensure that everyone is wearing a helmet and conform to the rules.”

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