Imprisonment in the Netherlands arrested hacker

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NEW YORK – The Netherlands, the United States supplied Russian Vladimir Drinkman is sentenced to a term of imprisonment of twelve years. Prosecutors had him accused of involvement in a huge data theft.

Drinkman and three others steel according to the authorities on a large scale the personal data of consumers. They pulled that information from the computer systems of companies. It included credit card numbers, usernames and passwords. Co-suspect Dmitri Smiljanets would that data then have resold.

The hackers did, according to prosecutors within at companies like supermarket chain Carrefour, department store chain 7-Eleven and airline JetBlue Airways. The damage for banks and credit card companies amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars.

The 37-year-old Drinkman and Smiljanets (34) in 2012 were arrested in Amsterdam, where they vacation. The judge in Camden (New Jersey) convicted Smiljanets to 51 months in prison; equal to the duration of the remand. Their lawyers have not yet responded.

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