First step to military highway Europe

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BRUSSELS – the Military and defence equipment, should in the future much smoother by Europe may move. A Dutch proposal to the now often the development of procedures to accelerate due within five days of diplomatic permission to get, can count on broad support in the NATO countries.

Minister Ank Bijleveld (Defence) was in Brussels, also has the support of NATO chief Jens). The intention is that the 29 heads of government at their summit in July, political commitments, and then concrete targets, for example to address infrastructure bottlenecks. The American minister Jim Mattis showed himself to be already excited.

The initiative for a ’military highway’ is an important example of the cooperation between the EU and the NATO. On the EU side have 24 countries signed up for the project. Bijleveld want to press on the boiler. On march 1, organizes the Netherlands with a launch event to be held in The Hague with the EU member states participating in the so-called PESCO-project.


Military transport in Europe, for example, exercises in Eastern Europe now gives a lot of bureaucratic red tape. Sometimes, hundreds of documents required and the weeks and sometimes months before a country gives permission. In the case of a military conflict, can the rules be set aside.

In response to new threats, NATO ministers decided that a new command is for the ease of military transports within Europe. That is almost certainly in Germany. A decision on the location and how many people are coming to work in June.

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