Facebook folds for wealthy Russian with prostitueeprobleem

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Imagine that you as an oligarch a delicate conversation with the Russian deputy prime minister on your yacht where prostitutes reside. One of them makes pictures and puts them on Instagram. What do you do then? Facebook, owner of Instagram, on the knees forcing to the quantity to delete, as it turns out.

“I demand that these images of the internet will be erased. Now, immediately, immediately pede! Otherwise, Instagram, and Youtube are the Russian web disappear, I swear it.’ At the beginning of this week was the well-known Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska driest rampage when he discovered that one of the prostitutes, who he invited for a cruise with his yacht in Norwegian waters photos had made of her journey – ‘Class, this boat!!!! Kisses, dear ones!’ and also Deripaska, the Russian deputy prime minister, Sergei Prichodko, talk.

That somewhere in a Instagramaccount confidential information from 2016 floating around, would not a disaster for the wealthy aluminiumtycoon, if the best-known oppositiefiguur of Russia, Alexei Navalni, his eye dropping to the images. Navalni went with it and made a YouTube videomet the images.

Villa of four million euros

“Look who have here,” says Navalni. “You can see it well: Deripaska has our deputy prime minister invited on his yacht for a hard with prostitutes. This is what I call bribery. Let’s not forget that our deputy prime minister very many possessions for his modest salary. How he paid his villa of more than four million euros? And how could he be a luxury condo of more than three million euros buy? The apartment is legally his wife, but that does not even have a job. You make the calculation feel free to yourself.’

“Or was it perhaps about sensitive political topics, Navalni was going on in his video. ‘As about the interference of the Russians in the American elections? These encounters confirm what we have long thought: the Kremlin is corrupt.’ In the meantime, the video of Navalni is already more than five million views.

Operation ‘Take that offline”

Although the calf soon after the launch of the video drowned for the Russian oligarch, he decided immediately to his Kremlin connections to speak to both the photos on Instagram as the Youtube video of Navalni offline. The prostitute in question, Nastja Rybka (‘Nastja the little fish’, who is himself the ” oligarchenjaagster’), was, perhaps, a scolding of the oligarch, but deleted not from himself all the footage. This gave the Kremlin no other option than the Russian internetwaakhond, Roskomnadzor, to speak.

And that worked. Roskomnadzor gave both Facebook (Instagram) if Google the command to the footage of Nastja Rybka and Navalni to remove. Otherwise, Russia would all the websites of the companies systematically unavailable for Russian users. High game in verkiezingstijden, because millions of Russians follow Navalni online.

Facebook folds

Friday voted Facebook suddenly with the question of the Russian internetwaakhond and deleted the photos from Instagram. At the same time was the website of Navalni taken offline. ‘Congratulations, Facebook and co.’, responded Navalni. “You work on the illegal censorship of the Kremlin. They say that a critical voice to be deleted, you delete it without further questions. Really, congratulations!’

Facebook wished to the Russian media no additional explanation about the removal of the images. Google has so not responded to the request to the YouTube video of Navalni offline.

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