Chris Rock admits adultery in Netflix special

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‘Tambourine’, the new Netflix special by Chris Rock, contains a number of striking passages about the personal life of the comedian. Rock of confession in the show on how he and his wife three times cheated and for years struggled with an addiction to pornography. That writes showbizzmagazine Entertainment Weekly.

Chris Rock has not been withheld for his first stand-up special in almost ten years. In ‘Tamborine’, since yesterday also available in Belgium on Netflix, deals with the comedian in addition to a number of political themes, his own personal life and mistakes. He has more about him of infidelity committed during his past marriage and discusses openly his addiction to pornography.

Rock opens the 64-minute special with a provocative reference to police brutality against black Americans, by being aloud to question why the police are not “every now and then a white boy shoots ‘just to make it look better to look'”. Also arms export control, Donald Trump, and religion are discussed. But only in the second half of ‘Tamborine’ let Rock really in the cards look.

The comedian admits that he is “no good husband”. “I was addicted to porn,” he says. “If you have too much porn watching, you know what happens then? You will develop sexual autism. You have difficult with eye contact and verbal signals… You are insensitive. After a period of time, you have a perfect porn cocktail necessary to get excited.”

Rock discusses then his divorce after 18 years of marriage. “It is my fault, because I’m a bastard,” what it sounds like. “I have not listened to. I was not nice. I thought: ‘I pay everything, I can do what I want.’ I simply thought that I am the shit.” This led to Rock to his own words, was unfaithful during his marriage to three different women went to bed.

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