Chaos widely during deadly shooting: “All the shouting’

eeaf95879ff684f7a81baf932636e51d - Chaos widely during deadly shooting: "All the shouting’

PARKLAND – It was a havoc, Wednesday in Parkland. The 19-year-old shooter, one Nikolas Cruz (19), founded a massacre of at least seventeen deaths, dozens wounded and more than a hundred traumatised young people at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Some students hid themselves during the shooting in classrooms. Others ran in panic to the outside. “I heard everywhere screaming,” says a student at ABC News. “I crawled under the desk of my teacher.”

“I heard six shots. Then we started to run. We ran for our lives,” says another. The 17-year-old Noah Parness says that everyone should be quiet and did not, until they are running teachers saw. That was the signal: alarm level 1 is reached. “When every one began to sprint. I jumped over a fence.”

Elsewhere held a class together with the toneellerares hiding in a kind of shed. There was crying. Where tears flowed, it was in the neighborhoods surrounding the school. Many parents were frightening messages of their children, or expected that is accurate, but got nothing.

The daughter of Caesar Figeuroa hid himself in the storage room. She heard people running, shouting, and they heard shots in the classroom next to him. Eventually she could her parents tell. “But I heard twenty minutes. The biggest nightmare was that,” said Figeuroa. “The most longest twenty minutes of my life.”

The number of people that the shooting life is ultimately purchased, it is still not clear. Thursday night was the death toll to seventeen.

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