Car-coats plays solo performance in The Hague

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Harry car-coats is available from september 2018 with a new cabaret show in the Royal Theatre in The Hague. He performs this in the footsteps of Paul van Vliet, who for more than six years in the theatre and have a similar performance on Sunday afternoon played.

Raincoats, car coats start his series zondagmiddagbespelingen on september 30, 2018, for instance, The National Theatre Wednesday known. The show bears the title Behind the dunes.

It is for the first time in 23 years that the Den Haag born and bred comedian is back in a solo cabaret show to see. “I think it’s a huge honor to be the Nestor of the Dutch cabaret to follow, and especially to do that in the theatre where as a child I used to be over cycled,” says car-coats. “I asked my father: why is that theatre is actually Royal? Then, he said, because the queen always to the stage. So that is not for us.”

In Behind the dunes tells raincoats, car coats by means of songs and conferences about his Hague youth. The ticket sales via the website of the theatre is Wednesday night at 19.00 hours start. The comedian is now in theaters with a music performance with his old band, Small Orchestra.

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