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ASO follows example Team Dimension Data and takes social role at the price

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ASO, the organiser of the Tour of Oman, made before the start of the third stage in Oman was his intention to also have a social role in the course. ASO brought just for the start of a visit to the Alruwad International School. “More than ever before we want everyone to cycling and the importance of the bicycle to underline.” The French company, following the example of Team Dimension Data that is already longer a social role record in the championships.

ASO organises in Oman, his first stage race of the year and plans for the next six years to keep. “This is a country with exceptional landscapes. More than ever, we want to Oman on the map, people on the bikes. To this end, we organize for the first time initiatives in schools to children to make them familiar with the bike,” says CEO Yann Le Moenner of ASO.

In two schools is a pilot project on its feet. ASO visited one of those schools where the pilot project will be set up. “Unfortunately there is still no riders to visit, because the start really early today, and there is no time left,” said Le Moenner. “Hopefully there will be a next year to change that.”

ASO not only brought supportersvlagjes of the Tour of Oman, but also a textbook. “The book give more information about the race, the different leiderstruien, teams, past winners, and stages”, explains Le Moenner. “It also contains coloring pages to help children to the sport to understand and their attention to cycling. Cycling is more than a sport or a way to get you from point A to point B, it is an experience that we have with as many people as possible will want to share.”

ASO following the example of the South African continental cycling team Team Dimension Data. The South African team which, among others, Mark Cavendish and Julien Vermote for courses, works with Qhubeka. Qhubeka sells bikes, with the money from that sale to share them bikes out to children. They gave, as already more than 80 000 bikes away to children in South Africa. The slogan of the team is ‘Bicycles change lives’. The riders hand over every year a bike a South African child. The team will take a few years except a sporty, also a social role.

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