Arjan Ederveen plays Pilate in The Passion

6b25f8cae34b4a9cb5c716ea0cf6680a - Arjan Ederveen plays Pilate in The Passion

Arjan Ederveen creeps into the skin of Pilate. In the broadcast of home cooked apple pie was Wednesday announced that the actor has been added to the cast of The Passion.

Earlier in the day were all the other names announced. Musicalacteur Tommie Christiaan plays this year the role of Jesus in The Passion. Singer Glennis Grace is Maria in the musical television show to the easter story. Singer Jeangu Macrooy and rapper Brainpower to crawl in the skin of the disciples Judas and Peter. Bert van Leeuwen gives an account of the procession.

The eighth edition of The Passion this year’s theme is I see you. The story is about look after each other in a densely populated city where people next to each other, but also sometimes are living in.

The event will take place on 29 march in the Arena in Amsterdam-Zuidoost. The tv show is broadcast live at 20.30 hours on NPO 1 and NPO Radio 2.

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