Anushka Melkonian is a new voice MNM Urban50

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New, young radiotalent will get a chance to MNM: Anushka Melkonian (23 years old, from Aarschot) presents Friday, February 16, the MNM Urban50. This Friday, take Anushka for the Friday night programme the passing of the torch of MNM-dj Brahim Attaeb. Afterwards she presents the weekly broadcast every Friday evening from 19 to 21 hours.

Anushka Melkonian (MNM-dj): “Great that I now all of a program may present that actually on my body is written. Although I then never would have expected, I am so incredibly happy that I have registered for the MNM Talentendagen and this opportunity. I still can’t believe it, but I have mad a lot of sense!”

Anushka was last year discovered during the MNM Talentendagen. Today opens the youth radio station, tenders for edition 2018. With the MNM Talentendagen wants to be MNM’s new, young radiotalent all opportunities to give the channel to enhance. Radio, online, music-, voice-, research or creative talent? Anyone can register online and show where he or she excels.

The MNM Talentendagen are an annual tradition at MNM. They deliver every year a few good, creative radiotalenten. After an intense training by professional djs, such as Brahim, Astrid Demeure and Bart De Raes, the young radiowolven let off steam and their first radiostappen convert to MNM. So do young talents with a lot of vibrant media experience on the VRT. Also MNM Dance 50-dj Laura Govaerts and MNM Rewind-dj Evelyn De Backer were discovered on the MNM Talentendagen.

Rino Ver Eecke, nethoofd MNM: “At the VRT, we like to work with talented staff. And talent you will find anywhere. That’s why we like to work with MNM to people with different talents. With their talents, we try MNM even more. Every year we see on the MNM Talentendagen a lot of young people with lots of talent, who afterwards get the chance to take their first steps in the exciting world of the radio and MNM.”

MNM Urban50: every Friday from 19.00 to 21.00 on MNM.
MNM Talentendagen: info and register on

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