Also stars furious at the government and the gun lobby after the nineteenth-shooting

500556f5de045294d91bfb881037ccf9 - Also stars furious at the government and the gun lobby after the nineteenth-shooting

After the shooting at a school in Florida, with Wednesday, certainly 17 deaths, many hollywood stars their sympathy displayed on social media. A large part of them called on to stricter arms legislation in the US.

“No words, no actions, no laws are enough until we get this epidemic of school shootings in our country end”, wrote Ellen DeGeneres. Kim Kardashian said in a tweet the Us Congress. “Please do your work and protect Americans against this senseless gun violence.”

Josh Gad comes from the area of Parkland, where the shootings took place. “I am so angry. I am so sad. A child of one of our friends has a bullet in his chest and is in critical condition because a 19-year-old had access to a military weapon. Just like it is normal. That it is not.” And earlier he wrote: “The nineteenth school shooting in a year not even two months old. This time in my hometown. How many children have to die? How often must we hear that ’this is not the time the about-to-have’? Dozens? Hundreds? Thousands? Makes it ever off?”.

“I hate the NRA’

Also Gloria Estefan expressed her disgust about the drama on Valentine’s day took place. “On this day we love to celebrate, my beloved Florida again a victim of gun violence. Again a tragedy for the loved ones of innocent victims whose biggest fear should be that they do their homework not have. Now what?”.

Will & Grace star Eric McCormack tweeted: “I hate weapons. I hate that people weapons to justify. I hate the NRA. I hate to see children terrified out of a school led to see. I hate that their friends are dead. I hate that it soon happen again. I hate that nothing is done. What a terrible crap.”

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