Zuma will be down anyway

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“I have taken the decision to immediately get up.’ That has the South African president Jacob Zuma in a televised speech announced. ‘There should be no deaths in my name.”

“The ANC would never be divided may be in my name’, said Zuma. “I am, therefore, to the decision come to immediately resign as the president of the republic.’

The South African ruling party ANC had demanded that president Jacob Zuma today was a blow. If he would continue to procrastinate, then waited for him likely to be a vote of no confidence in parliament

Zuma had earlier, a transition period of three to six months may be required, but the leadership wanted to go unchallenged because it is of the opinion that the integrity of the institutions urgently need to fix.

The president was discredited due to numerous corruption scandals. Therefore, asked the leadership to him formally to resign. The end of last year elected ANC party leader and vice-president Cyril Ramaphosa is taking over.

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