Wife notes little of buiktumor of 5 pounds

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RAVENSBURG – A German woman is in the hospital got rid of a tumor in her abdomen that five pounds of weight. The woman, from Ravensburg, had actually not noticed a thing. However, she got her pants no longer close and that she knows according to the doctors in flatulence.

Because her belly button at a given moment, also disappeared, she went to the doctor. A quick surgery later turned out to be the evil tumor 4840 grams to weigh. The tumor was 35 by 32 by 17 inches in size. The woman was lucky: there were no metastases. Her doctors warn everyone to get at similar phenomena, quickly to the doctor.

By the end of 2016 took doctors in the American state of Pennsylvania in a 71-year-old a tumor of 64 kilos from the body. The woman, who is 166 pounds weighed, was ultimately to go to the doctor gone because despite a diet of nothing fell off.

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