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Who is who in Cold Feet?

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Five everyday fifties, from Manchester, live again common and uncommon things in a new season of the British drama series Cold feet. In between, there is a lot to laugh and cry with …

1. Adam Williams (James Standard)
A good relationship with his teenage son Matt, a luxury apartment in Manchester and a new girlfriend, his former landlady Tina. You might be thinking: that Adam (49) (in the middle of the picture) has his sheep on the dry. But Adam would not be Adam called, when he didn’t to would desire. “Want Adam to function optimally, then there must be something of danger, guilt or self-loathing hang in the air,” says James Standard.

2. Karen Marsden (Hermione Norris)
Now or never. That’s what this season is for Karen (49) (on the right in the photo), who is on the verge of her own publishing company to launch. At home, however, much greater challenges with rebellious twin daughters Ellie and Olivia (both 17). “It is quite a tackle for Karen”, promises to Hermione.

3. David Marsden (Robert Bathurst)
David (57, for the second time separated) feels very lonely. He dares the door ajar for a new love when he businesswoman Nikki met? “But wait”, says Marsden (2nd from left) mysterious. “As always there is a snag.”

4. Pete Gifford (John Thomson)
“The plot about the depression of Pete (49) (third from right) last season has made me and Pete opened the eyes,” says Thomson. “I now know much more about mental disorders in men of middle age than ever before. Pete, in turn, has come to understand that money isn’t everything. Working with the elderly is now truly his calling.”

5. Jenny Gifford (Fay Ripley)
“Petes depression has a shadow over his marriage with Jenny (48) (2nd from right) cast,” says Fay. “Jenny is just left with lots of questions. And this creates frustrations. By the way: even with Karen. Jen feels shut out when Karen lot more with Tina’s heart. Ah, yes, adults are sometimes just like children.”

Cold Feet, Thursday – 22.35 • NPO 3

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