Which music videos are the most popular world?

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Who are the world’s biggest pop stars? In addition to sell in the record store or streaming services like Spotify, YouTube is an important measure to discover what the hits are?

In The Pudding they are crazy about data, charts and pop music. A good reason for this once to combine. a map of the world, you can see what is in 3000 cities worldwide to be the most streamed music video. Because use is made of a lot of data that goes to the most popular hits of december 2017. an online map you can navigate all over the world then from city to city to see what there popular. With a simple click you will get the corresponding video in a pop-up. It is extremely interesting where people around the world are listening to.

Ed Sheeran, Michael Jackson and hip-hop

In the Netherlands and other parts of Europe they listened in large numbers to Perfectly of Ed Sheeran. In the US, dominating the rap of 6ix9ine, Lil Pump-and Post Malone. Except in the state of Washington, where “Beat It” from Michael Jackson with the best scores. Also notable is that in countries like Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan Gangnam Style still the big hit.

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