Villas of The Pfaffs in the sales

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It’s former goalkeeper Jean-Marie Pfaff and his wife Carmen. For many years, their two villas in Brasschaat to purchase and there does not seem the least shot in the sale. The Latest News came Wednesday to know the price of the paternal villa of The Paffs to the Guoytdreef yet again in price is reduced. Of the original 1.850.000 euro remains less than 695.000 euros. Until recently, you had to 795.000 euro changed hands for the villa. The villa – where the majority of the pictures of The Pfaffs took place – is now all of 9 years old to purchase! Yet another price drop in a row, you should then also see it as a kind of wanhoopspoging to the villa are still sold to get.

The villa in which Carmen and Jean-Marie currently reside and which is located at the Small Heath, for 845.000 euro of the hand. Here too, the Pfaffs a piece of the prize done. Carmen and Jean-Marie want to find an apartment to move because of the state of health of Carmen, but first they would still like to be one, or preferably even both villas sold. The villas are by the way both of them to trap .

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