10 Questions

This program seems to be more and more on martelporno

fe5e234e8f1e019e3873a9ba6ae696c8 - This program seems to be more and more on martelporno

Saartje Vandendriessche that dispenses, a hagiographic documentary about Christiano Ronaldo or an acclaimed documentary about China. These are our tv tips.

1. The man

One 20.40-21.30

This program goes on more and more martelporno seem: last week we saw Saartje great suffering in an inhuman obstakelrace, now she breaks her wrist in preparation for crashed ice, a fast-paced afdalingswedstrijd on ice skates. Jackass is not far away.

2. Qdoc: Ronaldo

Q2 23.10-0.50 hour

If Cristiano Ronaldo leaves for a documentary, then you can be assured that the documentary as fake as the man himself. So hagiografisch that it is funny. Program this prior to the match Real Madrid – PSG instead of after, and everyone supportert for the French.

3. Through the heart of China

Canvas 21.15-22.05 hours

Rightly acclaimed documentary series in which the Dutch journalist Ruben Terlau China crossed. Today, some of the bizarre burial rituals on the calendar.

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