The ministry of Dirndl and Lederhosen

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Germany is given a ministry for the Heimat. But what is the command of that service with the fully loaded name? Politicians attempt to reveal a modern/inclusive/neutral content to the old word.

More than half a century, the Germans, the word Heimat carefully avoided. It was tainted by the nazis. Recently, however, a new advance now. And now Germany – as it …

More than half a century, the Germans, the word Heimat carefully avoided. It was tainted by the nazis. Recently, however, a new advance now. And now, Germany – as the coalition agreement is approved – even a Ministerium für Heimat.

Alternative für Deutschland used the term Heimat lavish in his election campaign. ‘Germany First’, he said, ” because we want this country also in the future, our Music can be called. Of a xenophobic party that does not come as a surprise. Also the christian democratic CDU of Angela Merkel, the term re-appropriated. Also, that is explained. The party hopes to form a buffer to be thrown against the rapid rise of the AfD.

‘Dangerous word’

But what green politicians with the concept? It fits like pliers on a pig on their nieuwlinkse ideas. However, insured Katrin Göring-Eckardt, the fractieleidster of Bündnis 90/die Grünen in the Bundestag, at the recent congress of her party: “We love this country. It is our Home and we will be for our “Good fight”. Her partijgenoot Robert Habeck, Schleswig-Holstein, a superministerie leads, will find that ‘politicians an idea of Heimat, an idea of identity should formulate’. Also the green Austrian president, Alexander Van der Call went to the elections – with the hot breath of the far-right Vrijheidspartij in the neck – the word is not out of the way.

Yet it remains for most of them to the left a bridge too far. In their eyes the concept is inextricably linked with the pure German ‘culture’ and ‘identity’, with the rejection of The Other. In response to Göring-Eckardt called other greens Heimat a ‘dangerous word’.

More than one Heimat

It is no wonder that it became popular once again in the aftermath of the great influx of newcomers in 2015. The word, however, a place in an ethnically diverse society? Turn on the Germans with foreign roots are not outside the society? That was already an association of Turkish Germans.

Many new users of Heimat to do, however hard their best to make the word a modern/inclusive/neutral content. President Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD) did last year an attempt in his speech on the Day of German Unity. He acknowledged that a lot of people the fast-changing, globalizing world does not understand and frightening. They cherish ‘Sehnsucht nach Heimat’. And the answer to that sentiment, he warned, we should not leave it to the nationalists, to those that We They set up.

For Steinmeier rejects the word to the future, not the past. It means ‘verstehen und wits were’. A man can also have more than one Home, ” he said about the New Germans.

Safety and security

Scientists determine that the word plenty is evolving. A survey commissioned by the magazine Focus , it becomes apparent that 92 percent of the Germans’t be such a negative notion. It evokes the idea of family, security, and safety. Rather to a region than to the country. ‘People desire to have a anchor point’, explained sociologist Heinz Bude to Deutsche Welle.

In other words: Heimat as a counterweight for an elusive, frightening globalisation.

But if the CSU’Horst Seehofer, who for ten years minister-president of Bavaria was the Music ministry lead, arouses that many people involuntarily, and the thought of beer, Dirndl and Lederhosen . With a smile, and not to speak to the critics about the Bayerisierung of Germany. According to them, press the a nostalgia to a past that never existed. That Seehofer in our own ranks the opposition against But generous refugee policy led, find they are not very reassuring.

Modernisation of the broadband

Heimat is not a separate ministry. Strictly speaking, the federal ministry of the Interior, which today is responsible for issues such as domestic security and migration, extended by the powers Bau (construction) and Heimat. But what are the meanings of Heimat, exactly? The education and culture engage in? Or is it, as others hope, the still huge chasm between the eastern and western länder seal?

Seehofer himself describes the command as: home security, migration, urban and rural development, and housing. In Seehofers Bavaria and in North rhine-Westphalia, there is already a Music ministry. That could include the modernisation of the broadband network on his list to write. But at the same time the traditions to keep. The competent minister, Markus Söder, wants to own say in the whole of Bavaria an equal standard of living to promote’.

Germany is in the midst of a fierce debate. About a word, but also on policy, and especially about what kind of society it wants to be.

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