Steven Van Herreweghe makes old dream come true

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Saturday will be the One viewers may be surprised at surprised at the Lottery drawing. Not presenter Sophie Dewaele may the winning Lotto numbers to disclose, but viewers Francois van Herck family, from the province of Limburg. And there’s Steven Van Herreweghe and his program Of general usefulness for something in between.

Francois van Herck family, was once a guest in Kwidam and by Luc Appermont, in the Grab the money show. Thirty years ago he made his tv appearance to the antenna to hijack: Francois then asked, live on tv for once Eurosong or the Lotto to be able to present, but he was never a response to his very spontaneous job application.

“I always like to get a song to be performed, or the Lottery drawing will be presented. You make the people happy with those figures. That was my dream. At the RTBF is also a slightly older man who has already been doing for many years.”

Steven may be the time not to revert, but want to, in the name of the VRT apologize for that was never answered interview of Francois. And more: he has a surprise of size for Francois. He has the with The National Lottery in a deal thrown in. Very exceptionally and for the very first time, it will be Francois van Herck family, the official lottotrekking may present in One. Now Saturday 17 February, he takes the presentation of Sophie Dewaele and he will be for many hundreds of thousands of television viewers are time still get.

Where is that fluoshort of Gert?
Steven reveals tomorrow a well-kept secret of Gert Verhulst: he found in the archives of the public broadcaster, the seeds of his entrepreneurship back. It’s not Samson, it was his first expression of his entrepreneurship. Already a year earlier, in 1989, brought a very young Gert Verhulst his own clothing line. He was only a few months to get started at the BRT. Gert designed a unique jeansshort, in highlighting and diamantschilfers in processed.

“It was a unique concept, and a foolish idea. But, suddenly, I was at shops to peddle with my pants. I still find it a great idea, but it is a bit diluted. There are only forty, and that should be somewhere in Flanders came to be. But I have no more.”

And so calls Steven with the help of the viewers. Who has another copy?

Of general interest: every Thursday at 20: 35 hours on One.

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