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Seppe Nobels boils on the dance floor

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With Rootz wants Seppe Nobels, chef of the Antwerp restaurant marché aux grains 13, gastronomy and music together in clubs. The new concept will be on February 16, launched in Amperes.

With Rootz wants the well-known Antwerp chef Seppe Nobels promising chefs ‘back to back’ with well-known djs. The Antwerp chef brought out the mustard in the United States, where clubbers, according to him, more and more are looking for healthy alternatives to drink or drug to control their power level to energize.

Willis stresses compared to Weekend Knack that the guests do not fast snacks should expect. “We do see that things can be different. Recently stayed Steve Angello of Swedish House Mafia with us. Steve lives completely vegetarian and without alcohol. It makes life at the top level a lot easier. So We will surely a lot of vegetables and non-alcoholic cocktails to serve.’

The first Rootz-evening is organized together with the Antwerp housefestival Dystopia. That invites for the “Venetian Valentine” night of the well-known house-dj Claptone in the Antwerp club Amps. Nobels will have it behind the pots. In the future, Rootz also other clubs at home and abroad visit. “It is high time that they from America to Asia to know that we in addition to French fries and chocolate, and also the country of the bioboeren, rock-solid Flemish fruit and Elixir D’anvers,” says Willis.

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