Second son for swimmer Michael Phelps and women’s

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The greatest Olympic athlete of all time, swimmer Michael Phelps, is again the father of a boy. He and his wife Nicole welcomed Beckett Richard Phelps. The 28-time Olympic medaillist shared that news on social media.

“Magical moments last Monday. Nicole and I want Beckett Richard to you imagine! We have a healthy son and with mom is also very good. I really feel the happiest man on earth. To our family to expand to four (well, six if you the dogs are included) is simply fantastic!” writes Phelphs on Instagram.

His wife let us know: “I’m surrounded by boys now and I couldn’t have been happier!”

The oldest Phelps-son, Boomer, has a by his parents managed Instagramaccount and it was a picture of him with his father and new baby brother placed. “I am now officially a big brother! I want it to hold only and can not wait to get him all the cool things to learn!”


In January, Phelps, at a conference for mental health in Chicago, known for his impressive career for many years through a deep valley, to be lost and even suicidal thoughts they had experienced during the Olympic Games in London in 2012.

“I wanted to be when not swimming, not even life. Then you think about suicide. I have never so badly felt as at that period. I continued to sometimes 3 to 5 days alone in my room, without eating and barely sleeping. I was living tired,” said the swimmer.

Fortunately, saw Phelps light at the end of the tunnel: “When I had my problems under eyes and realized that it’s ok for you not to feel good, it got better. In retrospect I am so happy that I not commit suicide have committed.”

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