Sea level is rising ever faster

09440510036cfa1d3e89d362f954c12e - Sea level is rising ever faster

PASADENA – The rising of the sea level going faster and faster. Each year the pace up. This is especially due to the melting of ice at the south Pole and Greenland.

If the rise continues, the sea level around 2100 may be 65 centimeters higher than it is now. That’s twice as much as previously predicted. That can cause major problems in coastal areas. “And even that is a conservative estimate,” said the American space agency NASA and the university of Colorado.

The researchers have 25 years of measurements from European and Us satellites have been studied. The calculations are in the wetenschapsblad Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

7 inches increased

In the past 25 years, the sea level of 7 inches increased. Half of it is because water expands as it gets warmer. That is called thermal expansion. The other half of the increase is the result of the melting of the ice sheets.

The pace increases. In the nineties, which increased the sea level by 2.5 millimetres per year, now that is 3.4 millimetres per year. And every year there is a little bit on top. At the end of the century the sea level by a centimeter per year rise.


NASA launches this year two new satellites to the ice cap at the south Pole and Greenland glaciers to keep an eye on. If something changes, scientists can more accurately predict how sea level rises.

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