Saakasjvili in the Netherlands after expulsion by Ukraine

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SCHIPHOL airport – The former president Mikhail saakashvili of Georgia settled in the Netherlands after his expulsion from the Ukraine. That confirms his lawyer Oscar Hammerstein woendsag after his arrival at Schiphol airport.

Hammerstein and Saakasjvili went on Wednesday to the beginning of the afternoon to the office of the Immigration and Naturalization Service in Rotterdam to the staying-papers. in order to make. Around 14.00 left the Hammerstein and Saakasjvili. The ex-president was on Monday Ukraine turned off and stayed until Wednesday in Poland.

Dutch woman

According to Hammerstein, the former president of planning to settle in Amsterdam. The multilingual Saakasjvili is married with the Dutch Sandra Roelofs from Zeeland Flanders. Saakasjvili and Roelofs (1968) met in 1993 and have two sons. Also Sandra was as First Lady at the time was very seen in Georgia.

Previously, he served, according to the ministry of Security and Justice request on the basis of family reunification to the Netherlands. The Immigration and Naturalisation service (IND) announced in december that Saakasjvili eligible.


The stateless Saakasjvili (born 21 december 1967) is a long time away from Georgia and have appeared in Ukraine as a thorn in the side of his former ally, president Petro Porosjenko. The authorities let Saakasjvili earlier pick up due to allegations that he is involved in a criminal organisation. Several thousand people took to the streets against his detention to protest. The judge asked him not much later, again on free feet.

Saakasjvili, former governor of the Ukrainian region of Odessa, accused the government of large scale corruption. Saakasjvili was previously the Ukrainian nationality gift, but that is him taken away.

President Of Georgia

In 2004, the people of Georgia to him as president, with overwhelming majority of votes. But already three years later – and in the years after re, there were mass protests against the pro-western president.

The popularity of the president was diminished greatly since the war between Georgia and Russia in 2008. Many, among whom were also former allies of Saakasjvili, blamed him for the conflict incorrectly had been addressed.

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