Roxeanne Hazes wanted no speech to prepare

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Roxeanne Hazes refused prior to the presentation of the Edison awards, a speech to prepare. The singer believed that she would win so struck them that the request of the organization.

“All of the nominees had a speech to prepare, but that I had not done because I expected it just really not,” said Roxeanne Tuesday in RTL Late Night. “I thought that was a waste of my time. I thought: I really don’t do it.”

Its profit was also a big shock for the oldest Hazes-scion. “I thought, closer to the BAND, or Spinvis. That are still big names and there I was as a youngster.”

Roxeanne won the Edison award in the category Folk for her album In my blood. The singer says that the price is an incentive to be on the same feet to go.

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