René Froger and Brace to the bin for Fat Fit

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René Froger, Brace, Anne-Marie Jung and OG3NE-female singers, Lisa, Amy and Shelley are Full Wednesday afternoon began with quite a challenge. For the new SBS6 program Fat Fit, they are trying in a hundred days fitter and healthier.

At the start of the challenge, in Muiden, where to direct the kick-off was recorded, was the six one for one with the nose on the facts. Especially René Froger and Brace will be on the bake should in the fight against the kilos, refreshments and sometimes also the laziness. “Yes, I absolutely need to bake,” says René, who is the new year already with a good step started. “I am now six weeks stopped smoking. So that is already a leap forward. And I’ve been very slowly returning to running and cycling. I have good hope it all goes well.”

For Brace is at all the point come to the hands from the sleeves, so did he inspire himself. “I must not only say, but also really are going to do. I’m just in the degree of obesity. Then you are eligible for a gastric band. That is so weird to get to hear. The penny has yet to drop,” says the singer. Brace’ greatest sin is next to the smoking, the drinking of energy drinks. “I drink five a day. Well, then you know how much sugar that is. If I leave, I have been a good start”, he thinks.


For René, it is important to be all treats. “My wife is just a kleregang drove home to all the cupboards empty”, quips he. Happy supports Natacha him in all ways, and his daughter also participates in Fat Fit. Goal for René to fit on the Top concerts in may to start. The singer has also recorded for the New York marathon, which he will walk with his three sons.

The participating CELEBRITIES have their own goal to with Fat Fit get fitter and healthier. They also hope viewers will be inspired to the action. Those who participate will also receive regular work-outs, recipes and tips and can make his or her own results and experiences, and also share it with the whole of the Netherlands. There have already been thousands of participants logged on.

Fat Fit from march 6, SBS6 to see. The presentation is in the hands of Irene Moors.

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