Prisoner again after escaping through twin brother

df3572419331c6e179c9098152c83028 - Prisoner again after escaping through twin brother

Lima – A Peruvian prisoner is once again behind bars, ended up, after more than a year ago cunning way had escaped: he had his twin brother in his cell behind and fled himself to the prison. According to local media, the man would have said that he likes his mother wanted to see…

Alexander Delgado was sitting in a prison north of the capital, Lima, a prison sentence of 16 years for child abuse, and multiple robberies. When last January his twin brother Giancarlo with him came to visit, drogeerde him, pulled his clothes on and he walked with his identity card as a visitor to the prison. The departure was only hours later, but then it was Delgado already flown.

The Peruvian is a total of thirteen months on the run. Eventually, he was last Monday arrested, after the authorities for a reward, were awarded for the golden tip. The man is now believed to be locked in a maximum security prison in the south of the country.

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