Police inside the confidants of Zuma

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A South-Afrikaane elite unit of the police is Wednesday morning invaded in the villa of the controversial Gupta family in Johannesburg. Several members of that zakenfamilie be suspected of corruption. The Gupta’s are known for their close ties with the South African president Jacob Zuma. Tuesday asked the board of the ruling party Zuma to leave, but he went in there (yet).

The invasion by the so-called Hawks, a police unit, which focuses on the fight against corruption, forms part of an investigation into embezzlement and corruption. “This is a crime scene,’ said a police officer, to Reuters.

The scandal is in South Africa known under the name of ‘State Capture’, because the three Gupta brothers Ajay, Atul and Tony, through their influence on Zuma, it would have succeeded in the policy of the president. Both of the president and the brothers deny those allegations. “It is a very serious investigation,” says a spokesperson of the Hawks. “This is no game: they are responsible for the so-called ‘state capture’, will have a responsibility.’

Local media report that at least one Gupta-brother and an employee of the family were arrested. Other family members would have to negotiate for themselves. In a communiqué to report to the Hawks, that three people arrested were, and that of two others, it is expected that they make themselves vomit.

The study has been running for months, but this step indicates that the love between Zuma and his successor Cyril Ramaphosa final over. The in december elected party leader suggested the fight against corruption central to his election campaign. This maneuver seems to indicate that Ramaphosa now quickly wants to act.

In the discussions between the ANC board and Zuma, on Monday, had the president a transition period of three to six months may be required, but the leadership wanted to go unchallenged because it is of the opinion that the integrity of the institutions urgently need to fix.

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