Plane loses cap of motor, passengers terrified

Amsterdam – A Boeing 777 of the American company United Airlines is above the Pacific Ocean a cover of one of the engines is lost. Passengers were doodsangsten when the cap saw fly away. “This was the scariest flight of my life.”

Passengers on the right side of the unit heard a bang and saw a moment later that there are pieces of the motoroverkapping missed. The plane could end up without the problems of countries in Honolulu. None of the 400 passengers was injured. There is an investigation into the cause of the defect.

Images of the ’naked’ engine, that one of the passengers on Twitter posted, currently the world over. The filmmaker himself can laugh about it. A photo of the damaged engine, he writes: “Here I read nothing about in the safety regulations.”

Another occupant is less to speak about the flight. “This was the scariest flight of my life.”

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