‘Paddington’film director makes movie about Willy Wonka

5b841fc0059ac9753b89b528195ffa17 - 'Paddington'film director makes movie about Willy Wonka

Warner Bros. the director of the two ‘Paddington’movies, Paul King, snared for the director of the new movie about Willy Wonka. The talks between the two parties would soon be completed.

The reboot is based on the children’s book Sjakie and the chocolate factory’ by Roald Dahl. Willy Wonka is the owner of the chocolate factory, where five children on a visit.

In the first filming of the story was the character of Wonka is just a supporting role, but in the remake by Tim Burton in 2005 he was clearly already a main character. The American actor Johnny Depp crawled when in the skin of the mill owner. Who is the role in the new film will take, is not yet known, reports the Hollywood Reporter.

King works for the new artist again worked with producer David Heyman, with whom he is also the ‘Paddington’-made movies. Simon Rich wrote the screenplay.

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