Obese agent sues New York

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New York – An agent that is so thick that it was on his 43rd retirement was sent, suing the city of New York.

The 1.78 meter-long Jose Vega weigh now 180 pounds. “I came in a year seventy pounds,” he tells the New York Post.

He blames the weight gain especially to stress on the street. Are eating habits, there would be ’nothing to do’.


“I wanted a top agent at the department of homicide cases,” said Bega that ninety kilos of weight when he was on the street began.

The pressure to do as much as possible arrests to do, delivered the 46-year-old New Yorker so much stress on, that the agent in the Bronx getting heavier and heavier. The morbidly obese Vega would, therefore, now serious heart problems.

Unhealthy eating

According to his lawyer, Warren Roth, has also not helped that unhealthy eating is normal among agents. “It’s easier to get McDonald’s to go as you will”.

In 2014 he was sent home with a disability pension of $ 4,000 per month. Then he stepped to the right because he 6200 dollar (5000 euros).

According to the politieleiding was but ten percent of his excess weight due to stress, the rest is just gluttony. Vega insists that he is not too much to eat.

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