New Scorsese movie over budget

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The Local, the new gangster film from Martin Scorsese, seems to be the most expensive film ever will be for the New York director.

Martin Scorsese is currently busy with the final recordings of The Local. And it looks like the movie more than 140 million dollars will cost. Thus this gangsterdrama close to the cost of Hugo (2011), the hitherto most expensive Scorsese-movie.

The reason why the budget as a missile, the height of deck is because of the verjongeningsproces that Scorsese are steracteur Robert De Niro wants to undergo. The Local tells the true story of Frank Sheeran, a gangster who has more than twenty-five murders committed and who also was involved in the murder of gangsterbaas Jimmy Hoffa.

Because the older Sheeran looking back on his life and youth, needs to De Niro in some parts of the movie there are more younger look. For that process, there is cooperation with ILM, the special effects company of George Lucas, that was also responsible for Brad Pitts remarkable transformation in David Finchers The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Just that CGI-effects make the film more expensive than planned, more than $ 15 million above the original budget of 125 million dollars.

It is not yet certain that The Local, the release is planned for 2019, in the cinemas will show. The film is being distributed and produced by Netflix and for the time being, the internetgigant not yet have a clear distribution strategy for The Local.

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