Netanyahu for corruption furthermore, in the closely

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TEL AVIV – Benjamin Netanyahu should be indicted for corruption. That recommendation does the Israeli police after an investigation of nearly two years.

From our correspondent

The prime minister would for almost a quarter of a million euro on gifts received of rich businessmen, for which he in return is hard for a law that those tax benefits in return. Also he put in for a U.s. visa for an israeli born Hollywood tycoon, this in the then American minister of Foreign Affairs Kerry.

In addition, in the opinion of the police that there is enough evidence to Netanyahu to persecute, in another case, in which the prime minister would have promised a free newspaper to curtail in exchange for positive coverage by a rival newspaper. That deal never went through.

The prime minister denied last night in a live address on television all the allegations. According to him, were all gifts from good friends for which he has nothing in return needed to do.

He accuses the police not to be objective. Netanyahu is at odds with the supreme chief of the police. Who accuses the prime minister indirectly from the investigations against him to thwart the agents who are involved by private detectives to legacy. The prime minister denies this.

The prosecutor must now decide whether he is to prosecute transferred.

The opposition believes that the position of Netanyahu, it is untenable, but its coalition partners remain to him as yet, support. Salient detail is that one of the testimonies against the prime minister is from the current opposition leader and ex-minister of Finance Yair Lapid. There are still two investigations against the “king Bibi,” whose kingdom, after twelve years together threatens to collapse. Also his family is in several cases under fire.

The explosive development comes at the time that Israel is involved in an escalating conflict with Iran. Netanyahu was in the past years time and again re-elected because many israelis to him the safety of the land trust. But by the corruptiebeschuldingen is the very question or the vain politician has the record of his illustrious predecessor, David Ben-Gurion as the longest prime minister of Israel will break.

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