Monique about André: sometimes it seems as if I do

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In October André Hazes three times in a sold out Ahoy, but its success also brings the necessary stress. So is the 24-year-old singer in the run up to his concerts so tense, that the home always goes wrong. That confesses to his girlfriend Monique Westenberg to Grazia.

“To the outside world is he happy and relaxed”, says the sixteen-year-old Monique. “But let me put it this way: at home, he is in that period, the opposite of how he is on social media. How? Supergeïrriteerd. On some days, it seems as if I do. That’s where I’m really not agree. He can also be really ugly comments. We have now agreement has been made, because there are, of course, more concerts.”

The previous month, as did André a book open about his relationship. The singer revealed that just before his last years his tour began, he by his girlfriend on the street was set. “Typical André: in an interview call that I him for the Ahoy concerts in October, the house had thrown,” says Monique to Grazia. “That was more nuanced, but André thinks sometimes just not think about the things that he says.”

’Pleur good!”

The singer has the habit plane for a albumpresentatie or concert is always a week to move to a hotel in order to prepare. “This time we had only four days earlier quarreled. I cried, ’Drop nicely in to your hotel.’ When he’s a few days left before, and I’m good to my parents in Spain gone,” said Monique.

However, the 40-year-old understanding of the moods of André. “It’s not nothing what that guy happens. He is only 24 and has suddenly become one of the most booked artists in the Netherlands. He is also father has become, and he had a quarrel with his mother. That eats away at a child. So hats off and a deep bow to the way he does.”

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