Minnie Driver gets first celebrity as Oxfam ambassador

a496275968e690b22a9ac4fa55f0d451 - Minnie Driver gets first celebrity as Oxfam ambassador

Actress Minnie Driver has yesterday as first celebrity her resignation as Oxfam ambassador announced, after the revelations of sexual misconduct by health care workers of the organization in Haiti.

“I am no less than appalled at the accusations to the address of Oxfam International. Under no circumstances will I plan my support to this organization or its leaders to continue. It is a pity that after 20 years no longer am able to me through this specific framework, social and economic injustice is the world more present than ever,” said the actress yesterday in a statement.

Driver claims that the scandal, however, will not hold back to be with good people working together to help those in need.

After the announcement thanked Oxfam Driver for her services, also through a statement. “Minnie Driver’s many years of dedicated Oxfam supporter, and we are her grateful for her commitment to eliminate poverty in the world to stop. Her decision to resign as Oxfam ambassador makes us very sad, but we understand and also respect her choice.”

The organisation gave to a repetition of the facts at all cost want to avoid. “As an organization, be ashamed of us for the actions of a number of our employees, and we are more than ever committed to providing our mistakes to learn and make sure that we provide the highest possible precautions maintain our work around the world.”

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