Michel Van den Brande makes heavy fall

4891e14f237f412f7ac672b73a7727b1 - Michel Van den Brande makes heavy fall

It will not be a romantic Valentine’s day for Michel Van den Brande. The big boss of Kontrimo is last weekend’s heavy fall has come and that has consequences for the agenda of Michel. “Friends, I will have to fit for valentine evening, ‘ ” writes Michel on Facebook. “I am Friday cases, and I could yesterday, not from my bed , a muscle is crushed between my shoulder blade and ribs !! That did an incredible amount of pain”, continues Van den Brande further. He is currently the physiotherapist on the go and need painkillers take, but that will redeem him is not full of the misery. “The pain is what dragelijker but have not done so , I will keep you informed.”

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